Impact of Bollywood movies on youngsters of Pakistan

This life is a stage and everyone has to play his/her role and leave this stage. As we see that movies or films leaves a great impact on the lives of people and they focus on the daily routine of individuals. So they can impress the audience in both ways positively and negatively. We cannot deny the influence of Bollywood on our lives. Jang Newspaper Jobs Pakistani youngsters are crazy for Bollywood movies and this ratio is increasing day by day. Bollywood has always represented the Indian culture by its unique thoughts through its media and this influence has affected the Pakistani youth in terms of psychological, cultural and in moral values.

Though most of Indian movies are based on men and women love but some of them also highlight the social issues and realities. As the film industry has started Indian movies show significant violence which could stimulate crimes. Dawn Newspaper Jobs According to reports Pakistani youth has gained huge impact of Bollywood movies on daily lives and as a result youngsters started copying the styles of heroes and their dress pattern. Some started to copy the language and different terms and their styles. It has also promoted the bad habit of smoking as their favorite character was fond of it. These habits are called as attention seeking behaviors and lies in the category of Neurotic disorders and in simple term it can be called as personality disorder. Govt. Jobs in Pakistan Now, the youth has more attraction towards opposite sex, copying styles, cultures and different norms and values of Indian society.   Non-fulfillment of these desires becomes the reason of nervousness, frustration and depressive and hence the individual cannot focus on his future live and profession. Moreover our media has also played a vital role in promotion of Indian movies and culture as in Pakistan Indian channels can be seen quite easily. The need is this that we should promote Pakistani channels which promote Pakistani culture and norm and values should save our young generation that is moving away from our culture.

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One Response to Impact of Bollywood movies on youngsters of Pakistan

  1. arush says:

    why are you differentiate Indian culture and Pakistani culture ? both are same. Pakistan has failed to develop electronic media because of democratic slow that’s why, you were unable to grew cinema industry. I am Indian and I am big fan of atif aslam. music, art and culture has no boundary, you cannot abide them in your rule and regulation. Let them to do what they want to listen and hear.

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